Cubase 12 crashs during startup (WIN10)

Cubase 12 pro crashs during the startup and stops on “Vst Connections.dll” and then just stops working.

I have the “Audient Id14” Audio Card and the Eve Sc207 monitor - i just installed them.
*I already check if cubase is updated and if the audio card drivers are updated and even if Windowns 10 is updated and everything seems to be updated.
I hope you can help me :slight_smile:
Thank you !~

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you attach the DMP file, please?

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I checked in the “CrashDumps” and i didn’t see any dmg files,i think because cubase just stuck like you see in the picture and doesn’t really crash (but it can be like this for hours…so i just open task manager and see that cubase is not responding)
and thank you :slight_smile:


Uninstall the VSTConnect component, please.

Go to “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\Components” and just delete " vstconnect.dll" ?


Yes, please.

haha now it’s stuck on “connect.vst3”
atleast something but the problem didn’t solved :frowning:


Remove that one too, please.

I deleted it and now this is what happening:
when i did retry it just give me this error:
cp 1

Had to do the same thing. Licensing issues all the time in both Cubase and Nuendo. Buggy

I’m having the same issue

ASUS Prime Z590-P .11Gen i9 -11900K , Win 10.0.19044 64bit, 64GB RAM

Well it gets past VST Connect now and seems to go through everything else and then Cubase closes.