Cubase 12 detecting plug-in, but not instruments

Hi all, after a couple years off from composing, I’ve just updated to Cubase 12 and EastWest’s Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition. While Cubase appears to spot Opus, it doesn’t see any of the instruments that are part of it. Yet when I go into Opus, it shows my instruments are there. Not sure what I’m missing - any ideas? Thank you.


Cubase can see only the plug-in, not the libraries included in the plug-in. The libraries are totaly on the plug-in side.

to do this, simply create an instrument track

and select Opus version VST3

and there you will see the Opus plugin appear

Merci - that solved it!

Yes, understood now; I think the last time I used Cubase it was 10.5 with EastWest Hollywood Orchestra via Play and I recall the instruments all populating in Cubase, or at least not having this particular issue. Thanks for your comment.