Cubase 12 does not open now

All my plugins and instrument software come from Native Instruments. Upgraded and rather new stuff. The only old one and from about a decade ago is still the best one musically for drums, Superior Drummer 2 from Toontrack. So good that I do not even need Superior Drummer 3 yet. That might have been the problem in this case, but it has been a very nice and stable plugin so far running smoothly. :ok_hand:

That should be ok as I have sd2 and sd3. Sd2 for old projects ( I probably should render them) sd3 has lots more articulations which if you are playing with edrums makes a huge difference to the feel.


It looks like this should be reported to UAD - uaudio_ua_1176ae.vst3 does something and calls Cubase.

Hi Martin, on your previous reply you wrote that you reported this to Steinberg (as this could be an internal error?!). Now you are writing that the cause could be the uaudio_ua_1176ae.vst3.

Based on the provided dump analysis, the most likely cause of the error appears to be related to a system-level issue with the win32u.dll module. The error message indicates a “Breakpoint” exception, which typically occurs when an application tries to execute a specific debugging-related instruction. It’s unlikely that uaudio_ua_1176ae.vst3 is the direct cause of the crash, as the error seems to be at a lower system level.

Can you give us an insight on this? I am just trying to understand a bit more about dump files.


I was reading the DMP file and from my understanding, it looked like the issue was on the Cubase side. But later on, an expert from Steinberg was reading the DMP file and he concluded the issue was on the UAD site. I can make mistakes, but I trust the Steinberg expert very much. :wink:

Ok, thanks.
I am just trying to figure out myself what are the key points that can make i.e a reported crashed module less significant than a lower system level error.

ok,thank you very much but what can i do now?contact UAD?


Yes, this is what I would do.


Let me correct my statement, please… I had a look at the history of the thread and I didn’t say it’s on Cubase’s side. I said I reported it to Steinberg. This is what I did. Then the Steinberg expert had a look and he said it’s on the UAD side.

Yes that’s what I wrote.

But you usually do this if the cause is not a third-party plugin that needs to be updated etc. But I analyzed it myself and saw that the module win32u.dll crashed which is a system-level error. So I was wondering how you came to the ua1176 conclusion in order to understand better.
Sorry I am not trying to say you did something wrong, I am just trying to get some insight on dump crashes in general


I do it if I don’t immediately and clearly see it causes a plug-in. So if I clearly see it’s on the plug-in side, I don’t report it. If I’m not sure, I do report it. :wink:

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hi,I contact UAD and here is the answor after sending my crash report:

Thanks for contacting Universal Audio customer care.

This crash dump does not mention UA plug-ins, it just shows the audio alignment tool having issues.

MODULE_NAME: audioalignment

IMAGE_NAME: audioalignment.dll

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: INVALID_POINTER_READ_c0000005_audioalignment.dll!Unknown

That being said, does this happen with all sessions? Or just this one session? Can you share a session where this is happening?


I’m sorry, ehat I can see from the DMP file: uaudio_ua_1176ae.vst3 does something and calls combase, eventually hanging in PeekMessage (UI-related).