Cubase 12 does not recognize my audio-interface (Focusrite)

hello Cubase-Cracks,
my Cubase 12 (macOS) does not recognize my Focursrite. Any chance to teach my Cubase to learn about my audio-interface. Btw: it worked a few weeks… and then i started Cubase without and the Focusrite was not plug-in. Since there, it does not recognize the interface anymore.

Thanx alot


Could you try to reinstall the driver, please?

check your ASIO driver. maybe Cubase switched to another driver when you opened without the Focusrite. Check under Studio → Studio Setup → Audio System… on the right top corner you can see which ASIO drivers are available to you. Pick Focusrite if it is on the list. if not do like Martin said and reinstall the driver