Cubase 12 doesn't apply "bypass" automation in Group track when exporting

Hi guys

I have an automation to “bypass” a plug-in in a group channel. It works perfectly when I listen to the track, but when I export the stereo out…the automation does apply!

Plug-in is Izotope’s Trash

Do you know for any issues on this?


It does or does not apply when you export?

Make sure the automation values are correct (which I think is ‘all’ up or down), and maybe try different settings during export, like a larger buffer or ASIOguard on/off or automation precision etc.

I’ve had problems with iZotope plugins and automation, and I think bypass was one of the problems. You may have to find a workaround.

Exactly…I found out that this is a known bug on Izotope plug-ins. I got a workaround though. Thanks :slight_smile:

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