Cubase 12 doesn't automatically load Arturia KeyLab essential Mk3 script

I am trying to get working an Arturia KeyLab Essentials Mk3 controller with Cubase 12 and by the Arturia instructions it should be plug and play.

In my case it’s not just it’s not automatically recogniced, but when I select it on the MIDI controller setuo the control keys - play stop record - produce sounds.

How my I debug this problem on Cubase to try to solve it ?

Thanks in advance.

Can you please be more specific?

My issue was that the integration with Cubase was not what I expected, butI think I know now what is going on.

On the Arturia site, the setup with Cubase is skipped on the videos but the integration is perfect everything works out of the box.

In my experience it wasn`t that way.

After contacting Arturia it looks like that perfect integration is done via custom scripts that they themselves provide.

I received a mail with setup instructions and scripts.

I will tell you how it goes after following the instructions, but it seems the built-in support for KeyLab Mk3 on cubase 12 is not what I saw on Arturia videos.

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Yep that’s it.

After following the instructions and installing the Arturia scripts everything works great.

The problem with the control keys producing sound, was a bad setup.

You’ve got to disable all interfaces but midi in the midi control manager.

Thank you for your interest !

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