Cubase 12 doesn't recall automation parameters when opening projects created with older Cubase

When opening a Cubase 5 project in Cubase 12 it won’t recall its automation settings/parameters. in my case I automated the ‘bypass effect’ setting of an insert effect plugin and this automation is gone when opening the project in Cubase 12.

Please confirm this is a known bug, hence you can reproduce it and in case it is please mention an ETA for the fix. I strongly hope it will get fixed in the next Cubase 12 version since this bug is really annoying, since having all automation settings lost makes working with older Cubase projects impossible.

I have a full mix in-progress that migrated all its Automation from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12 perfectly, so there is likely something additional involved.

If you open the Project in C11 after saving it in C12 (use copies) is the automation still there? Can you post some screenshots showing the same Automation in C11 & C12.

i cant comment on C11 projects since i dont have any. the issue defo happens when opening C5 projects in C12. i can send screenshots as proof if needed.

do u maybe have a C5 project (using automation) at hand which u could open in C12 to check if for u as well some or even all of its automation will be gone?

The screenshots are useful to see how different items are configured or set, not to prove anything. Pics make problem solving easier, thousand words and all that.

Cubase 5 is pretty old, wouldn’t be surprised if some parameters didn’t match with Cubase 12.

Can you clarify when you open the Project in Cubase 12 is the Automation Data still there but Cubase doesn’t respond to it or is the Automation Data totally missing?

Just noticed you are brand new to the forum. The forum software will likely not let you post screenshots until it decides you are not a bot. If you skim through a bunch of posts it will help get beyond that limit.

it’s totally missing. no need to post screenshots then anyway since the issue isnt hard to describe. i need someone who has a C5 project using automation at hand and can open it in C12, hence reproduce the issue, to make sure it s a general issue aka a bug the devs can then address.

and btw the rest of a C5 project migrates perfectly to C12. it s only the automation data that is lacking. but it s crucial

The oldest I’ve got installed is Cubase 7.5. But I might have some old projects created in 5, I’ll take a look.

thx a lot. u might also try a C7.5 project ifnot. maybe C7.5 projects are also affected by this issue. it would actually be good to know this so we can point the devs in the right direction for debugging by finding out from which Cubase version (project file wise) on the issues doesnt happen no more. you already confirmed it doesnt happen for C11 projects so we need to go back in time and find out which is the latest version (project file wise) that still works. pls keep me posted

I didn’t have any 5.0 Projects that used Automation. But I found both 4.5 and 5.5 Projects that did have Automation. Both of them retain their Automation when opened in 12.

I’d suspect your problem is more related to the Projects than the program.

I’d try creating a new blank Project using Cubase 12 and then use File>Import>Tracks From Project… to recover the Tracks from your old Project - hopefully with the Automation intact.


ok thx a lot i ll do it this way then