Cubase 12 downloaded and installed but how to activate? No email?

All downloaded and installed. Clicked the “Grace Period Check…” in Activation Manager, it said to wait for an email. So far no email. Anything else I need to do?

I get this in the Browser:

You’re almost done. Check your email account (also the spam folder) now. Look for an email from Steinberg with a Download Access Code and a download link. Follow the instructions to get started."

even if you don’t like to read, you should use the “read me” button more often… there are all the instructions…


Even if you edited your comment where you told me to use my brain, it seems that you don’t use yours very often…

sorry but I can’t find a suitable face palm for you… I will keep looking for one.

If you had engaged your brain you would see I was asking about getting the activation email

But you do you, right?

However, the email has arrived.

so… next time be more respectful.

Don’t clutter posts with useless garbage. Fortunately this forum has an “ignore troll” option.

sure… thanks for the advice to use that button with you specifically… you are not the nicest person on this forum actually, in fact you should be banned… besides that, you called Steinberg’s help center “useless garbage”… unbelievable… see ya!

Wait for it. Wait for it.

Still waiting… I just want to buy the upgrade from 11 Pro and use the 12 I have downloaded…press the go live button already Steinberg :slight_smile:

You can now buy it on the steinberg site.