Cubase 12, Draw Line trim work gets 'messy' when I open the project on another mac?

Hello, so I have installed Cubase 12 Pro on both mac mini (intel) and my mac studio?
I render most audio tracks just in case, copy the exact and paste it on mac studio,
opened it on Cubase 12 pro and somehow, the Draw Line trim on some of the audio got weirdly messed up?

Maybe someone can chime in and help me out…?
Shall I just also bounce that/render-in-place that…?

haha… I am still in the process of migrating because of some of the good plugins that I tend to use…

Migrating is painful! haha… (esp from intel to silicon…)

thanks in advance!


Could you please attach a screenshot before (Intel Mac) and after (M Mac)?

Ok, I will provide as soon as possible! at the moment, my mac mini intel is not with me haha

um, some audio tracks have weird draw line, but sounding fine! some odd bugs! most audio tracks seem to be ok :slight_smile: