Cubase 12 EE PRO launching without email


I have an educational version of Cubase 11 PRO that was upgraded to 12.

I have eLicenser Control Center shows that the license is on the USB dongle. However, when I try to launch the software it doesn’t seem to read the dongle and says “No license found” and forces me to log in.

How can I use Cubase without always being logged in and just use it from the dongle?

Thank you!

Update the licencer software will probably do it.

Hey, I actually updated it today and ran the maintenance check at the start. Still didn’t work. The version is which seems to be the newest available.

It’s weird because the eLicenser Control Center clearly says that the license is on the USB dongle.

Are you trying to use Cubase 11 or Cubase 12? If 12, it is using the new Steinberg licensing. Have you activated 12 in the Steinberg Activation Manager?