Cubase 12 Elements for Mac M1 no audio

I recently installed Cubase 12 Elements in my Mac Air M1 and I also installed my Focusrite 2i2 interface. I setup the Focusrite interface in Cubase (Studio > Studio Setup > Scarlett, I also made sure all the inputs were ACTIVE); I also checked on Studio > Audio Connections and made sure that both INPUTS and OUTPUTS were setup for Scarlett 2i2 USB…yet, when I create a TRACK and set it up for one of the Focusrite channels; still no sound captured and the blue bar doesnt even move

And the Focusrite Scarlett does work, it’s brand new and I set it up as the main INPUT/OUTPUT devide for my Mac, I tested it watching some YouTube videos and it worked…

can someone help?

Is the focusrite ASIO driver in studio setup the selected driver?
Have you armed the track for recording clicking the red and monitor buttons?

Hi Oneway; thanks for replying, I actually found the solution in another thread of this forum…Basically, you have to go to “Preferences” in the Mac settings, then Security", then “Sounds” and there, enable Cubase; otherwise nothing will come out of it…Cheers!

That’s good you fixed the problem. :+1: