Cubase 12 Elements - miditrack + nanokontrol2 = not

In C12 Elements, I create a new project and add an instrument or audio track. Nanokontrol2 can control the fader and switches on the track. Then when I create a second midi-track, Nanokontrol2 is unresponsive to that track. Lastly, when I create a third track, instrument or audio, it gets connected to fader number two on Nanokontrol2. The Miditrack is invisible to Nanocontrol2. Any ideas?

Am using standard nanokontrol2 script. Computer W11/i7/12GB RAM.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

MIDI Remote Api doesn’t work with the MIDI tracks in general.

It works in Elements 9 tough, I just checked. But on that I use the Mackie setting for Nanokontrol.


Yes, Mackie protocol supports MIDI tracks. MIDI Remote Api doesn’t. You can use the original Mackie in Cubase 12 too, but you will loose all other Cubase and MIDI Remote specific features, like Quick Controls, EQ control, etc.