Cubase 12 Elements not making any sound

I’ve just upgraded to Cubase 12 Elements and I can’t get it to make any sound. I’ve tried reinstalling ASIO4ALL, restarted my computer twice, tried redoing the output buses, but it just doesn’t work.
Here is what it looks like during playback. It is picking up my mic fine, but it’s not outputting anything. Any suggestions?
EDIT: I’ve tested other tracks and it’s only happening on this one song. I don’t know why that is either.
EDIT 2: Before anyone ever responded to this, I copied every individual track from the song over onto a new file. If you’ve experienced this bug, you can do the same. Copying an audio and midi tracks works, but the effects on them won’t come with so you’ll have some cross referencing to do. Things like Volume and Panning do come, though.