Cubase 12 elements not picking up interface

good day first of all Cubase if you. want to sell something have a email address you can be contacted by I bought my program 3 days ago worked 100% all of a sudden just doesn’t pick up my sound card, as the same sound card is used on my Mac and on garage band perfectly I can’t find the problem as I’ve been trying for 3 hours deleted cubase and installed again how do I get a refund.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What kind of Audio Device is it, please? Could you try to reinstall the driver, please?

It’s a Motu 4 pre 6x8 audio interface I’ll reinstall the driver for it but if it was the driver then it wouldn’t be working on garage band either but it’s working.

Ask in the shop where you have bought it. It’s the same on all products.

Did you check the settings?
Studio > Studio Setup >Audio system