Cubase 12 elements v cubase 10 elements on MacOS

Hi folks.
Been running cubase 10 elements for a few years now on a 4 year old imac.
Will be upgrading to a mac studio max shortly and buying cubase 12 elements.
I was wondering if all of the features are the same in 10 as they are in 12, or if any extras have filtered down from artist and pro? For example, the “de-esser” is not available in elements 10. Also "generate harmony voices "
to name just a couple.
Also, someone warned me not to update the Mac studio once cubase is installed because it may block the program out being 3rd party software.
Lastly, I am assuming that rosetta is still required to run the program.
Thanks in advance and beware, I am not too computer savvy


You can see it in the the What’s new article. Down you can see even the news in Cubase 10.5 and 11. So exactly, what you are searching for.