Cubase 12 - Entry of the decimal separator via the numeric keypad

In the German (Windows) version of Cubase 12 it is no longer possible to use the decimal separator on the numeric keypad when manually entering numerical values with decimal places. Instead, a decimal point must be entered, which does not exist in the German numeric keypad.

If I type in the volume values of channel faders or channel EQ it works as expected.
But I observed the described behaviour on some plugins.
Eventide, Valhalla, UAD, Waves…
It works with Steinberg, Klanghelm, SIR Audio.
That’s what I can check quickly.

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This answer confused me at first. Of course I meant Cubase’s own input fields. There it was definitely not possible to enter automation values like -4.5 dB or tempo values like 96.8 via the numeric keypad. But strange, after restarting Cubase it works normally again for me. I have no idea what went wrong there. If it happens again I’ll investigate further.
Thanks, @st10ss

OK, Strange.
But good that it’s working again.