Cubase 12 Epilogue

Hmmm, if I may add a positive experience to this thread.
Running both N12 and C12 versions 12.0.2 without any serious glitches, even when opening projects going back to N2 and N3, and everything in-between. And this on two system linked PCs I built in 2012, so not exactly recent tech. I’m even still running J-Bridge without issue for access to some older instruments. I started with fresh preferences, and the only real glitch I’ve experienced was a one time freeze due to a sample disk overload (Old school SATA) while test driving the program’s VST instrument tolerance just after installing it. A few tweaks and all was good.
Not saying it’s perfect yet, just a far cry from the RIP headline, and I wouldn’t go back to previous versions after settling into the latest capabilities, no way. Bearing in mind that I am running two much older systems here that are handling everything just fine, anyone with more recent tech should look at their setup before giving up on what I think is the best upgrade in the last twenty years. Of course, I’m still using a Houston Controller lots of people wrote off in 2002, so what do I know :grinning:

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Thankfully, 12 was like nothing have changer from 11 in stability, everything runs smoothly and even better now. I’m on osx, I run cubase on 3 different systems, 2 in the studio and 1 home. I hope other people’s issues will get sorted soon.

I just wanted to chime in to present that for some people everything runs fine, to balance out the discussion.

Hope for everyone to be satisfied and without any problems soon.

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