Cubase 12 - Eucon softkeys not working

Since upgrading to Cubase 12, none of the softkeys are working on my Avid MC Control Eucon controller although the faders and transport controls do function. The soft keys still work fine under Cubase 11 so has full support for Eucon been removed from Cubase 12 or have I missed a setting somewhere?

I had the same behavior with the S1 till I started the computer and the S1 again. After that, everything is working as expected

Just tried that and no joy. I’m going to see if I can find out where the templates are stored, hoping they will just be some form of individual .xml for each application.

Ok so it looks like the templates are standard individual .xml files each named according to the application they relate to and are stored in a Euphonix folder under the Appdata folder in the User directory. Making a copy of the one for Cubase 11 and renaming it to Cubase 12 seems to work for most of the soft keys although some don’t seem to work which I assume may be down to commands changing between 11 and 12.

Ok, I understand. I just imported the soft keys go C11 via the import function in Eucontrol. When I tried it first, most of the functions didn’t work. After a restart everything was working as expected.
I hope, everything is working now for you !