Cubase 12 export is very slow

It takes 4 minutes to export an 8 tracks project. The same job it takes around 30 seconds in cubase 11! Please help

I noticed this aswell. Maybe i got something wrong here but offline rendering works flawlessly and obviously takes as much time as the song. as soon as i do it “online” the bouncetime increases by quite a bit. a 3 minute rocksong took me nearly 12 minutes to render. on cubase 11 it was always quicker to do it the “non live” way.

System is a macbook pro m1max with 32gig ram running cubase 12

Same problem here. Im working on a very large project, and the export time is almost 6 times longer then the duration of the project it self. So realtime export is faster. Im using a mac mini 2020 m1 16GB.

Same problem here. I7 12700 48Gb RAM m2 SSD. Very large project, but with cubase 11 export time was 2 minutes and now is 7, and CPU is used 100%. Maybe it’s some kind of zero-day bug?

Same here. 3hour long project (broadcasting) takes 4h to render in cub 12
in cub11 same 1h 30min or less

Also experiencing slow offline export times. A 3:47 song just took 3:12 to export offline which isn’t saving much time. This is especially problematic when exporting a lot of stems printed through the mix bus. I feel like offline export should be much faster. Offline exports in Protools and Studio One on a heavy project typically export 3-5x faster than the song length. I remember earlier versions of Cubase having much faster export times.

So, we never figured this out, did we?

I have to export a 25min mix every week. It takes roughly 23 minutes - supposedly offline. There were issues this week, so I had to export it 4 times. Total, it took well over an 1hr 15min. Again, offline. No external instruments or FX. No realtime option checked.

This is just absurd.

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same here. so much longer render time in cubase 12. what is this about?

the export process itself (1% … 100%) does take a long time.
and it takes also a considerable time until it begins to export (respectively until it begins to show 1%) and it takes a lot longer until it finalizes the export (after it showed 100%… then I have to wait a long time for the finalization after this 100%). no good!

24/96khz . cubase 12 . updated . macook 16 m1pro (this computer is really fast and silent! wow).