Cubase 12 export is very slow

It takes 4 minutes to export an 8 tracks project. The same job it takes around 30 seconds in cubase 11! Please help

I noticed this aswell. Maybe i got something wrong here but offline rendering works flawlessly and obviously takes as much time as the song. as soon as i do it “online” the bouncetime increases by quite a bit. a 3 minute rocksong took me nearly 12 minutes to render. on cubase 11 it was always quicker to do it the “non live” way.

System is a macbook pro m1max with 32gig ram running cubase 12

Same problem here. Im working on a very large project, and the export time is almost 6 times longer then the duration of the project it self. So realtime export is faster. Im using a mac mini 2020 m1 16GB.

Same problem here. I7 12700 48Gb RAM m2 SSD. Very large project, but with cubase 11 export time was 2 minutes and now is 7, and CPU is used 100%. Maybe it’s some kind of zero-day bug?

Same here. 3hour long project (broadcasting) takes 4h to render in cub 12
in cub11 same 1h 30min or less

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Also experiencing slow offline export times. A 3:47 song just took 3:12 to export offline which isn’t saving much time. This is especially problematic when exporting a lot of stems printed through the mix bus. I feel like offline export should be much faster. Offline exports in Protools and Studio One on a heavy project typically export 3-5x faster than the song length. I remember earlier versions of Cubase having much faster export times.

So, we never figured this out, did we?

I have to export a 25min mix every week. It takes roughly 23 minutes - supposedly offline. There were issues this week, so I had to export it 4 times. Total, it took well over an 1hr 15min. Again, offline. No external instruments or FX. No realtime option checked.

This is just absurd.


same here. so much longer render time in cubase 12. what is this about?

the export process itself (1% … 100%) does take a long time.
and it takes also a considerable time until it begins to export (respectively until it begins to show 1%) and it takes a lot longer until it finalizes the export (after it showed 100%… then I have to wait a long time for the finalization after this 100%). no good!

24/96khz . cubase 12 . updated . macook 16 m1pro (this computer is really fast and silent! wow).

I recently had this issue too. It seems to be an issue of Cubase hogging your computer’s CPU. While exporting, I checked in the task manager and saw that the CPU was at 100%. This was strange because I have an i9 processor that’s really fast and the project I was exporting only had about 25 tracks or so in it.

What helped me was changing the buffer size on my interface to a higher setting. This sped up exporting considerably, but it still took longer than it would have in the past. So maybe try this and see if it works for you.


So the same project with the same plugins takes about a third of the time in C11 compared to C12?

So I tested it here and could reproduce it as well.
The export time is double on C12 compared to C11. Same project, takes 6 mins in C12 and 3 mins in C11. Thats 50% slower on my machine.

Also CPU usage during rendering is about 40% on C11 and 100% on C12.

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edit: here the screenshots:

This is a serious isse:



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Take a look at the bigger thread over here, the issues seems to show up when exporting to a different sample rate than the one you are working on in your project, thats why it most probably did not affect everyone.

100% CPU Usage when mixdown - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Same problem here on 2 difrent computers (i7 / i9) Average export time on CB11: 0,5 x track length , CB12 1,2-1,5 x track length.

Yeah, its when you mixdown to a different sample rate than your project. Hopefully this will be solved ASAP.

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Don’t get your hopes high, it’s Steinberg :confused:

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Hi, so i had a similar problem. Project sample rate and the mixdown were same still had the same problem. Turns out changing my buffer size to a higher value made my exports comparatively fast. I hope this helps you all.

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Same problem cubase 13

This issue is already solved. If you still have issues, I’d suggest to open a new thread and describe your problem there.