Cubase 12 - Feature Request: Warp Markers in Project Page "Always Visible"

Similar to ‘fades always visible’ in options, we need a ‘warp markers always visible’ option. Warp Markers in Project view is great, but it would be more useful when lining up multiple vocal tracks etc, to be able to see all warp markers without having to select a region when the warp tool is active, thereby causing all other warp markers to disappear. It’s clunky.

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YES!!! I was hoping for that. It is so easy to aline vocals (and more) in Logic because you can see all the warp markers. Weird that the developpers didn’t implement that feature?

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Agree with this, it’s a bit bizarre the way it works as is.

Please help us by upvoting this one, friends! This would be incredibly useful to be able to view warp markers across all tracks in the project page, whether the regions are selected or not! Thanks!

It’s official, the multi-track warp that they finally added after so many years is really not fun to work with. Please revise the workflow on this feature Steinberg!