Cubase 12 File, Open, shows incorrect dates for files

In Short: File Open, in Cubase is displaying incorrect dates on my files whereas Windows, File Explorer has them correctly!!!
I’ve never noticed this before, but here’s how I found it and how it can be a big issue losing hours by opening an old project by mistake!

As C12 sometimes crashes (only on manually closing the program so I didn’t care too much), I don’t rely on the ‘Hub’ to open my last version of a project I was working on because when Cubase crashes, it doesn’t update the hub for last opened file.
Therefore I have been thinking I’m safe by using within Cubase: File, Open which displays an MS Windows File Explorer format but I noticed today that a project I was working on a few days ago ‘27/3/23’ looked like it hadn’t save the file because it showed a date from last month. It also listed 4 backups from a date in between the two so I assumed my lastest project hadn’t saved and I needed the latest possible which was one of the backups (although there were listed as the same date & time to the minute).
I then opened Windows File Explorer and noticed that my project was listed there correctly from 27th and the backup files also had the correct (different) dates and times!

From now on I won’t rely on Cubase to list my projects to open, only window explorer!