Cubase 12_Forgets Control surface MIDI Port connections

Hi…I run a Mackie Control Universal and an extender v2.1.2 with Cubase 12.0.60 (old version of MCU, not PRO). They work just fine. However, when I launch Cubase 12 and re-open a project, the MIDI INPUT and OUTPUT Ports in Studio Setup>Remote Devices (Legacy) have become ‘NOT CONNECTED’ . Is there any way to get Cubase to ‘remember’ these settings. (also my MIDI keyboard becomes ‘Missing’) Everything works once reconnected, but I just wondered if I’m missing something to stop them disconnecting each time I close Cubase. Thanks in advance
Windows 10 i7-3770K 32GB RAM


This settings is global (not stored in a project) therefore this should not happen.

Are you sure if becomes disconnected while opening a project, please?

Hi Martin, thank you for your reply. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘kissing’ a project, unless that’s a typo. Yes when I re-launch a saved project (where the control surfaces were working 100% ok) The MIDI ports have become disconnected


Sorry, autocorrection was really creative now. :grin:

I mean if it happens while opening a project.