Cubase 12: Found so many bugs that aren’t being recognised or fixed?

I came across multiple bugs and issues on Cubase 12 which has caused me not to be able to do any production work for many days now. Steinberg just doesn’t care from what I see….

Here are some of the issues I have encountered:


I have noticed when Cubase is idling or minimised the GPU usage will shoot up to 99%. This will cause the gui/menu to lag. But when I press the play button then the GPU usage will drop down to around 20%-40% and the gui/menu will not lag anymore. Though once I press stop and let it idle then slowly the GPU usage will rise back up to 99% causing gui/menu to lag again.

This always happens but there was only one time where the GPU usage was low 12%-18% even when idling or minimised but this caused another problem where Cubase graphics started flashing, flickering or be pixelated when scrolling.

I have tried going from NVIDIA Game Drivers to the latest NVIDIA Studio Drivers and turned on maximum performance, g-sync disabled, v-sync on fast/disabled. Nothing helps or fixes these issues.

Anyone know what is causing all these problems and how to solve it? Steinberg has been ignoring this same issue for years. Unacceptable.


When importing an audio file into Cubase and have it playing and looping for a beat or less (the lesser the easier to trigger the problem). While it’s looping and playing I now goto the top to change the transpose, fine-tune or musical mode then this will cause the disk cache overload to 100% causing audio to dropout and not play. Also time-stretching and audio warp will cause these issues too. I have a feeling that it is something to do with looping audio files and using the Elastique Pro algorithm that seems to cause disk cache overload issues cause if I use the Standard algorithm my disk cache does not overload.

So is this a Cubase bug that they have refused to acknowledge and fix?

All these issues should not be happening as my computer is still new and more than powerful enough. So not sure why all these problems sigh……

I don’t have this problem nor have I seen anyone else report it. So it might be very specific to your computer setup.

Do you experience one audio drop out or several dropouts that occur periodically and frequently?

It’s most likely your graphics card or something associated with it.
The internet is full of reports about difficulties with Nvidia cards.
Make sure your driver is up-to-date and the card’s BIOS/firmware gets updates too.
And if it’s a pre-build system, make sure no bloatware is installed.

And get rid of all the gaming stuff, especially the gaming driver, that comes with Nvidia cards.

I have NVIDIA GT710. Installed only the drivers without the gaming software. I can confirm the Disk cache overload. The small range to loop causes the disk usage to max out and remains that way untill loop is disabled. I don’t think this is related to the NVIDIA but simply Cubase chocking in this tiny loop. However… I personally never use looping this way. Just tried it to confirm.

I loaded nvidia-smi -l 10 to observe GPU usage while minizizing/idling Cubase. I could not reproduce this problem. No exsessive GPU usage. I know it does not help TestDummy but I tried it just to see if I could reproduce this issue.