Cubase 12 Freeze Issues

Running 12.0.20 on Win10, 64gb RAM, SSDs, i7 latest gen, Gigabyte mobo.

I have two situations where C12 freezes. One being when adding a new effect to either an insert or send slot during playback. I use mostly Waves (v13) plugins.
The other is when using the internal wave editor (cleaning up noises etc manually). It usually happens quite randomly and after a while too, never very soon after starting work, so far.
I would say both errors have cropped up 3 or 4 times and actually date from pre 12.0.20 but not sure if it ever happened before 12.0.10
It has meant that I try and manually save my projects far more often, as the one time I used the most recent .bak file it was deemed corrupted, which may of course be connected but haven’t looked into that re creation time of the .bac
Have to say that C11 was more stable and reliable, so a tad disappointed.

if you get a dmp file you should send it to steinberg

Hi Glenn, I have done the auto suggested send log files option each time I restart C12, having had to use Task Manager to quit the program. Is that what you mean?

Thanks :+1:

yes, that’s what I am talking about. Also, some people post their dmp files here and some members are kind enough to analyze them. I don’t know how to do it, but many times these files will give some good information about your problems.

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