CUbase 12 freezes during playback?

What network I/O is taking place that causes this thing to freeze up? I just started using my Focusrite Solo 3rd gen because Tascam 366 was having serious latency issues, but it didn’t do this.


During playback and even recording, audio and midi, the sound will crap out and fry, especially with asio guard off… the drive, vsts and program all run locally, so what gives?

Tons of free memory and CPU is barely utilized, but audio performance is constantly spiking, this project has about 6 tracks which has never been an issue before.

Cubase never fails to surprise with even more imaginative issues no one could ever anticipate, instead of getting work done, I have to crash course computer science.

Is it time to get a Mac and use Logic?

A lot of plugins do network connections for “phoning home”…
Cubase12 also has some local network connections open, to communicate with the license engine if I’m not mistaken.
Those usually shouldn’t be a big problem, as they happen in the GUI threads and not in the DSP threads.

Can’t tell you what your problem is, could be an issue with the Focusrite driver, could be a plugin (I just yesterday had a buggy plugin that would immediately bring the audio to a halt when inserted…).

Are your problems directly correlated to switching the audio device driver? I.e. switching back to your tascam will fix the problem? Then I’d suspect the focusrite.
If it is only happening in this one project, it could be a plugin.

Network I/O is not necessarily a connection to some external system. There is a lot of network communication going on internally between processes.

Do you have any dump files that you can upload?