Cubase 12 freezes on project close

This has happened several times. When closing a project or quitting Cubase 12, the application freezes with the spinny lollypop. Force Quit is saying that Cubase 12 is unresponsive. I am on macOS 12.3 but I’ve seen it on 12.2.1 as well. Is there some way I can collect data to help you debug the problem?

Confirmed. The longer a project is open, the more chance Cubase 12 will hang when closed.
Happens to every project.


Hello! Some time ago I posted a post about this problem. Try to read, maybe something will come in handy. In my opinion, third-party VST plugs are to blame…

Thanks for the reply and suggestion.
My only point would be that I haven’t changed my plug-ins but I have changed my Cubase version.


The only 3rd party VSTs I really use much are Toontrack’s EZMix, Superior Drummer 3, and EZKeys. But I’ve observed something similar to @Kevin_Wright. If I leave a project open over night, Cubase freezes when closing it.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who leaves projects open all night. :joy:
But it is my right to do so, and preferably without Cubase hanging itself.

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My Cubase used to crash after 30 minutes … Generally I found that the SPIRE plug was causing me problems … Later after updating this plug it was fine … Maybe to be sure try to render tracks with plugs to audio and remove tracks with VST plugins … Leave the project open for longer and see then …

I have this exact problem but on Windows 10 (after having a project open overnight and returning to it in the morning). I can see in Process Hacker that Cubase is actually still running . . . but is completely frozen on screen. EVERYTHING is updated. Cubase 11 was not doing this. Thank you.

I want to add too, it is not just when closing Cubase: Coming back to a project in the morning that has been left open all night, it works as it should . . . until (for example) I open a plugin that is already in an insert and has been working perfectly the night before, or do some other completely normal operation, and suddenly Cubase freezes.

I’ve given up on Cubase 12 and returned to 11. 12 is unacceptably unstable. Sad cause it’s otherwise a great product, but WTH Steinberg. You guys gotta get this fixed ASAP. Still waiting on some fixes, but it’s almost like they completely disregarded QA for 12. Some of this stuff would’ve undoubtedly been discovered before launch.

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The other thing I get now is random record cut outs. Track Keeps playing but after a glitch it stops recording. Never ever happened before 12.
I too will be rolling back. I couldn’t care less about the dongle. At least 11 was stable.

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Another possible data point. I started Cubase 12, loaded my project, and then immediately closed it, successfully. Then I left Cubase 12 open with no projects loaded over night. Cubase 12 freezes on Quit.

Thanks. I’ll try this too and see if I can duplicate.
Nice to know it’s not plug-in related.

Just updated my C12 - still hanging on exit!

Not just on exit. It also hangs if you leave Cubase running over night. Then you can’t even switch to it.

Cubase C12 Pro hanged on exit but as soon as I start as Administrator the problem disappeared, Before I discovered this I tested several options: No third party plugins loaded, no user pref’s loaded and Generic Asio sometimes seem to solve but most of the time it freezes indeed. As for now I stick by starting as admin.

Are you on Windows or macOS? I’m on the latter, macOS 12.3.1

Sorry, forgot to mention: I’m on windows 10.

Cubase 12 crashes also when you’re using loo-midi, so it is no more possibility to use the StreamDeck

I’m having this issue too. iMac with MacOS Monterey and Cubase 12.0.20. Come on Steinberg!

Hurrah! Finally cured with latest update. Thanks Steiny.