Cubase 12 freezes when left running overnight (win10)

I removed three old versions of Cubase, I’ll see if that helps but I’m still flying blind. Why am I having this problem when other users aren’t? Can you explain the problem so I can decide for myself what to do? I’m getting very frustrated.


I’m sorry, I don’t know why does it work at other system, but doesn’t at yours.

Can you direct me to someone who might know?


Rise a support ticket, please.

Can someone please help me with my crash repot?

@B_Side_Music Your dump file appears to be 1.9GB in size. This is highly irregular. All the .dmp files I have seen have been around 1MB. Did you create it according to Martin’s instructions above?

I’m not sure where you’re getting the 1.9 GB number from. The crashdump I attached in this thread is 1.2 MB. Can you perhaps clarify?

Cubase 64bit 2022.9.17 (902.6 KB)
Hi, on my laptop, often my Cubase 12 Pro freezes at closing. I have several crash dumps, some zero bytes and some not zero. Attached the last no zero one. My laptop description is in my signature. Audio driver used ASIO4All, internal sound device (Realtek High Definition Audio). Can anyone please help me to read the crash dump (and hopefully understand/solve the issue too)? Many thanks!


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Many thanks Martin, I will try Safe Mode as soon as possible, and then I’ll report back here.

Hey, sorry for the late reply.
I tried as best as I cant to extract the dmp files the way you asked.

I opened a support ticket as Martin suggested. I received the following note via email from Adam Benjamin of Yamaha support (Yamaha owns Steinberg)

"I saw your post regarding Cubase freezing after being left open overnight. We usually do not recommend leaving the program idle like this for many hours at a time, as we’ve seen that behavior occur. We always recommend closing the program down when you will be stepping away for an extended period of time. Having said that, our team will want to investigate this for future updates, if you don’t mind sending me your computer’s system report we can look into it further: "

I was doing that as a work around (closing Cubase at the end of each working day). I’d still prefer to be able to leave it open. Sounds like this is an issue that’s been around more or less forever and that it’s not considered urgent. Anyway, I will post here if they turn up anything.

Can I please have someone look at my dmp files?
This freeze issue is exhausting.

These files are 0.5 GB, DMP files are usually some kB. What did you upload there?

All I did was follow the instructions.
I don’t know why they came out this big.

I have this issue…C12, freezes after a period of time… and eventually my PC does a spontaneous restart. Not good! Unfortunately .dmp files are not always generated and on the occasions they are actually created they are 0 KB in size so I guess they are of no use:

This sounds like another issue. Never heard of Cubase crashing the entire PC and causing a new start. Did you check your thermals and your drivers?
Is your PC running stable when you run a benchmark program?

All I know is this issue didn’t exist prior to C12. My PC runs fine 24/7 but… if I happen to have a C12 project open… after time, it does not. C12 freezes…and then … reboot. I have experienced stable and reliable performance from Cubase dating right back to Cubase VST 5.1 … but that has all sadly changed now with C12. C11.5 I still have installed and is stable.

Hi @janpeek,
the call stack of the freeze you are experiencing resembles another case where a user had a hard drive attached to his system which would go to sleep at some point (because it was actually not used with Cubase) and the next time Cubase would check for media storage paths on the system, it would freeze with the same call stack.
Could you check if there are any storage components attached to your system (like HDDs, online storage, Media servers, etc) which are disconnected/ sleeping and might not be available in time when you return to Cubase the next morning? I know, Cubase shouldn’t freeze on such an occation, but this hint might be helpful anyway.

I’m having these problems too. Is the new maintenance update coming this month?