Cubase 12 freezes when left running overnight (win10)

Hi @Sherz ,
this sounds like a hardware related issue to me. Are all your drivers up to date? Graphic card, audio interfaces,…? These components can heavily interfere and lead to blue screens & crashes when drivers aren’t up to date.

Ordinarily I’d be inclined to agree that it’s hardware related, but so far the issue appears to be totally unique to C12. The system is stable running any other app - including video editing software and C11.5 Drivers are up-to-date, that seems to be one of the first things people advise to check, (e.g. nVidia dated 27 Sept). I don’t really see how a previous version of a driver, that’s seemingly been working perfectly fine would suddenly become a source of problems though? Anyway… for me it remains a mystery…

In terms of stability: C12 seems to be more unstable with buggy plugins. Right after the update to C12, I had 2 plugins which constantly crashed my sessions and they worked fine in C11. Fortunately they showed up in the dump files and after updating them, everything was fine again. There are also some other users, who reported similar things. Could be coincidence, but that seems to be unlikely imho.

But a system crash sounds more like overheating, CPU/Ram/GPU issue (do you overclock?).

Did you try to run some benchmark programs like Aida64 for some time, if it is a hardware issue, you should find out like this!

Hi @janpeek ,
just wanted to follow up on your freezes: did you check for storage locations which might not be handled correctly by Cubase? It would be interesting for us to narrow down the bug.

How would I Identify them? Is this about external drives?

Having the same problems with random freezes and crashes on MacOS. Could it be connected with Cubase trying to make an unsuccessful internet connection? That might explain the randomness of it.


Attach the crash/ips file(s), please.

Yes, @janpeek , external drives, media servers in your home network, and cloud stroage. If you have such devices, try disconnecting one by one and see if the freezes persist.
I assume that you already switched your power profile to “High performance” or use the Steinberg Power Scheme (hidden in the Studio menu)? If not, this would be the very first step I’d take.

If Steinberg was serious about getting to the bottom of this I’d be up for the considerable effort but my understanding is this is that it’s considered a low priority. I’ll just shut down when I’m done for the day.

You’ve got Steinberg staff reaching out to you about the issue. I don’t know how much more serious you expect them to get.

Ideally, Cubase shouldn’t be crashing. If the people experiencing this issue report it and cooperate, the sooner it’s likely to be fixed.


No offense intended,they have good reason for making it a low priority, I would do the same if I were in their place. The problem is really just a minor inconvenience, The workaround, shutting down Cubase at the end of the day, works fine.

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I left my Cubase project open for about 24 hours and I notice its hang too.