Cubase 12 freezes when use drop down menu

Hello Friends

My Cubase 12 freezes when use drop down menu in a bigger projects (a lot of sympchonic orchestra instruments East West, synths etc) The same in Cubase 10.5. I try to work on my projects made previously on Cubase 10.5 one year ago and now I can’t because of drop dow menu. When I start to use it then Cubase frezes. Sometimes unfreezes when I use button windwos, but still can’t use any menu list, because problem is back. I have i7 6700 and 32GB RAM. All worked before very good. What is the reason. I tryed open Cubase as a admin and it seems a little beter but finaly it is back. I uninstaled my driver from Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 and I used on board graphic card and still the same. I use 4 monitors (one 4K, and 2 lower 1280x1024 and one 1920x1200)

Do you have any idea how to resolve this problem

Don’t get me wrong, but your hardware seems to be rather ‘old’ and that GTX750 might be a bit ‘underpowered’.

What I’d do is a clean re-install of Windows. (I do this at least once a year and it is always fun … )

If Cubase freezes, I guess a .dmp file is produced. You can contact support and send this file, a system info file and a description of your actions leading to this freeze.
Also feel free to upload this .dmp file on this forum as some clever people out here may have a look at it as well.

Can you specify your Win version?

Steinberg specifies minimum display resolutions of 1440 x 900.
I use also a combination of 4K and HD monitors, and have noticed unpredictable behavior when throwing a window onto the HD screen (and not only with Cubase), or some dialogs are displayed outside of the viewable portion of the screens …

I understand disconnecting the 1280 x 1024 screens is not what you want but I’d try it for troubleshooting .

My Windows is 10 , but you reminded me that I used previously Win 7 and this Cubase sesions worked then wery well. I had also the same Equipment configuration (Ram, HDs, processor, monitors) . Maybe win 10 is the problem. As for Cubase DUMP file I have only with date 17 days ago, so it is before all my problem with drop down menu started. I don’t see myself to instal win 10 and all my software anew :frowning: What graphic card will be ok for my configuration?

Hi @audioorange,

which mainboard / chipset are you using?

Perhaps it might help to get the mainboard manufacturer’s chipset driver installer and override those Wndows 10 default drivers. This can make a big difference. Also @Fantom may very well be right about those two lower res monitors in one and the same setup.

Your CPU, as well as your dedicated graphics card, should both work well enough with Cubase 12 (as related to its 2D functions and acceleration), especially since your setup seems to have been working well with Windows 7. Higher project complexity can remain a problem, though. Yet this shouldn’t affect Cubase’s GUI / menu performance at all. How much virtual RAM do your plugins use, can you increase / decrease that, or can you set any disk streaming parameters or proportion “RAM usage vs. Disk usage”?

Another thing: perhaps also check if the Windows pagefile has enough size and remains system controlled. Are you using Win 10 on an SSD or a HDD?

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Thank you for your help Fantom and Markus. I Still fight with that :slight_smile: Windown page file has 32GB for all HD. I suppose that is any plugin I used in those Cubase session. I checked cubase template that I used for sessions and It works wery well. I chaecked aslo problematic session openning Cubase without any plugins and sessions does not do problems with drop down menu.