Cubase 12 frusturations

whats going on with this upgrade update of cubase 12 , bugs freeze crashes Battery 4 has a new extra window on both sides . i think Steinberg needs to hire a new Team that handles cubase . same project C10 everything is fine C12 acting like an old man Lol . very frustrating . i have pedro on the live chat support telling me let one our tech guys have a look at your system hahaha ok Pedro , STEINBERG i love you and i have sold and sent you so many customers when i used to work for guitar center in Detroit but PLEASE do something about these upgrades /updates take your time and do it right . maybe it is time for a new TEAM . Sincerely Elton Mata , oh and these FB groups are not helpfull at al in case you are supporting them in any way (-;

This is normal. It looks like it is extra until you open the new Quick Controls section and see that the extra space is so they will fit in the window. I guess the tradeoff would be to have the narrower windows change size when opening/closing the Quick controls - either way is a bit ugly.

Perhaps a more detailed description would be useful? Kind of computer, OS, sequence of events - ya know the kind of info that is useful to actually resolve a problem.

I used to work in a t-shirt factory in San Francisco, but I bet Guitar Center would have been better

This ain’t facebook (thank goodness)


Thanks a lot , all the best

Raino thanks u so much

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Could you please attach the *.crash/ips/dmp file(s) to be able to resolve it/them?

Make sure, your plug-ins are up to date, please.

Did you read the whole post ??? In C10 everything works fine not in C12 WHY ??? also every time i close the project cubase 12 freeze task manager in 2022 is embarrassing . Like i said earlier i loved cubase just need a good makeover we in 2022 in case you folks forgot .

The dump file(s) @Martin.Jirsak so kindly asked you to provide will help the developers find the root cause of the poor performance you are experiencing.
Now it is up to you if you want to aid the devs by providing these files or if you are only here to vent and express your dissatisfaction. Both are perfectly fine as far as I know.

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@Esound We have people posting from all over the world. Those who are not native English speakers do their best to read user’s posts which might take considerable effort, or require the use of an online translator. The person you responded to you makes great efforts to comprehend what he reads here, and to give good answers.

When someone posts using wrong punctuation, run-on sentences and bad grammar, it’s quite difficult to read, and online translation is not viable.

With all due respect , i am here because i want you guys to do better!! , i choose cubase bc i loved it and still do , i supported and still will , sold it and recommended to customers when i used to work as audio sales rep at Guitar Center in Detroit , its my main DAW , i was giving NFR from Studio one , Ptools and i know all the daws very well , when i compose its Cubase always no question about it , but sometimes you have to speak your mind and express how is affecting you . If you need me to be like a lot of those people in utube and facebook pretend everything is cool and the new version of Cubase its great , i wont do that . This is love i am giving .

Elton Mata

Cubase 10

You responded to me but I am in no way affiliated with Steinberg. I only use their products. (Proudly, since 1987.)

No one said you couldn’t. But let’s be real, it’s not very constructive is it?

Well you sounded like you were representing Steinberg !!! No one is perfect now is . I know what he was asking for !!!

Please if you are not from Steinberg team and you attentions are to judge and show off dont respond or say any smart … comments . Thank you

Really!? I didn’t pick that up from what I wrote. :person_shrugging:

I don’t know what this means.

Please stop yelling. It is rude.

In case you haven’t noticed, this is a public discussion forum and I will respond in any level of smartness I choose.
Anyway, you obviously just want to be angry, so I’ll let the admins handle you.
Take care and hope you’ll get your issues resolved. <3