Cubase 12 generating noise when recording

Hello, I am new here. Bought Steinberg USB AI (UR 12), activated Cubase AI 12 (Elements), watched some tutorials and started recording. And there is a noise - hum and crackle. This is not caused by instrument or cable because Audacity recording is perfectly clear. Any advice?

It is not possible for Cubase to add noise to recordings on its own. It is probably due to ground loop noise, or poor electronic shielding in the computer or audio device.

But before anything else can be said, please verify that the audio input device is actually the same for both Cubase and Audacity.

Exactly - the noise is as if there were poor electronic shielding. However Audacity gives perfect sound with the same setup (I dont even drop my guitar or touch the Steinberg AI - just switch windows from Cubase to Audacity).
In Cubase I set up the Steinberg AI as input ports in “Studio Setup” menu and also in “Audio Connections” I set it up as Device Ports. Is there any other setup that I missed out?

Meanwhile I found similar issue described here <what? I cannot post links? Why?>
Maybe the “generic ASIO driver” is the cause as they advise to uninstall it but what driver should I use instead? There is only “generic ASIO driver” in my Audio Connections menu - no other option.

You should have asio drivers for your audio interface and you should be able to select it. Have you installed the driver?

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Hahaha you are right :slight_smile: Spending last 15 years in “plug and play” world prevented me from even thinking about installing drivers. Especially since it worked without problems in Audacity. Thank you for help - problem solved.

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