Cubase 12 Generic Remote Discontinued?!

High @Pablo1980, I’m happy being here!
Message filtering already happens on all MIDI messages that are bound to a MIDI Remote controller surface. You don’t have to set that up yourself anymore.

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So I can have, with the same controller, some knobs sending for example CC1/CC10 for midi recording (in all midi inputs options), and other knobs controlling Cubase functions?

Yes, and for those knobs you want to record on the MIDI track only, you just DO NOT create GUI knobs in the Surface Editor for them. That’s it!


Great! since I have you here (and terrible off topic) who can I reach to ask for a specific keycommand that I have been trying for years to be added. Can I send you a private message?


Following up, is there an easy way to switch the remote off apart from unloading the script?

Consider the example of a humble mpd218. 6 knobs, 16 pads. 6 knobs can be permanently assigned to remote duties, but it is also enticing to use the pads as buttons. (for mute, rec enable, edit insert 1-16, what have you)

IT IS possible to handle this on the device’s side by using a “bank” specifically for this purpose, but will it be possible to handle this from within Cubase more easily? (Like a switch. Remote Device/MIDI instrument.)

@Pablo1980 sorry, please don’t PM me on feature requests. You better post your opinions and wishes in the forum, we hear you!

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@Matthias_Quellmann @Jochen_Trappe As an idea for touch controllers like the Stream Deck, iPad or touch screens to run macros.

It would be good to have a Lower Zone menu that has a button layout that you can customize where you can drag logical editor scripts, macros and shortcuts into these buttons. Then with an interface app it can communicate this menu or button layout to Stream Decks, ipads and touch screens and would then eliminate the need for 3rd party Apps and plugins.

So when you change a button in the lower zone it automatically syncs with the trigger device.


Hi! Can u help me?
In 11 Cubase (generic remote) my MIDI-controller was programmed to edit channel Vst.
1-8 buttons = open 1-8 VST plugin in inserts for the selected channel. Why it was removed from the API?

Yes. A floating menu with buttons for macros an logical presets would be great!

It shouldn’t be hard to do I think. The same editor for the midi remote, but you can click on the buttons (or with a touch screen)

This is my question too :wink:

You could extend this idea to having a WebSockets API for Stream Deck etc. to interface with. Such an API has been implemented in Dorico 4 and is used by the Notation Express Stream Deck profile.

Good to know we can rely on Generic Remote, for the time being.

Hope improvements will include 3 rd party VST parameters in the “assistant”.

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I agree, let’s be able to control every parameter of every plugin we have using our controller of choice! (unless Steinberg brings out controller?)

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So, when GR eventually goes away, how can we implement huge orchestral Lemur templates to work in MIDI remote? If this requires reprogramming everything then it’s most likely goodbye Cubase. I hope not.

You’d hope with MIDI 2.0 and two way data exchange, manual templates won’t be required, instead apps such as Lemur as will be aware of the commands and tracks in the project and you can map within the app.

If that’s not the path we’re on, this will be a bit of a fail (imo) and quickly out-dated. I mean, it has to be the plan - right?!

You won’t be able to, unless they make it possible with the new MIDI remote by improving it by then.

Not to mention the fact that nothing seems to work for MIDI Tracks in the MR.

I certainly hope so. I am one of those that has eagerly been waiting for MIDI 2.0 since there was first talk about an update to the protocol—about 15 years ago I believe.
I fully expect Steinberg to be in the forefront in implementing it together with the other big players that socialize in the MIDI Association club.

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Matthias, greetings, and thanks for posting here.

While the Generic Remote is still technically part of C12, there are applications of it that appear to be demonstrably broken. I can see the thought process behind what the MIDI Remote will one day be and applaud it, but application changes that have already been made have broken a workflow that I’ve used for some time based around an Aida Sound product called DTouch. There’s a full thread related to that on the Steinberg forums HERE.

The short version is that an application that allowed for the programming of control sets, tied directly into the mix console and control room, and enabled multitouch functionality just stopped working after years of being viable, and it feels that the issue is related to the direction in which remote control within Cubase is moving. If there were plans in the works to bake multitouch into the Cubase/Nuendo process that would be one thing, but there’s no news on that front.

I know I’m not the only user with this issue. Any thoughts as to what direction I could move in without sacrificing one of the main reasons I moved to the Steinberg Production environment?

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Same problem here.
After years of an extraordinary mixed functionality (Nuendo+DTouch) and super-efficient workflow, everything stopped.
I bought N12 as it came out. But IT REMAINS STILL UNUSED.
I prefer keep working on N11+DTouch, definitely…
Please, please Steinberg, put some attention on it…