Cubase 12 Generic Remote Value/Actions labeled with "!"

Hi there!
I noticed today while trying to make a legacy generic remote, that some value/actions were followed with “!”. See photo. What does this exclamation mark mean?
Studio Setup 1_31_2023 12_42_59 AM

Hello and welcome

I’m going to guess here and say they are no longer available in the GR , this might explain why my templates for my controllers refused to load into C12.0.52 . Looks like you are forced to the new Lego Midi remote for those commands

This sucks so much. effing up my whole template for no reason…

@Mofam @Mumpi

The most frequently, the <!> sign appears while hovering the mouse in the toolbar in tooltips, when there is no key command associated to the tool.

In the Generic Remote case, I don’t really know (I suspect an internal formatting change in the handling of the involved labels, though - something to check more closely, maybe), as some commands have this sign associated to them, but not all.

One thing is sure, though : it doesn’t prevent you from using the involved items included in the Value/Action column dropdown menu of a given Generic Remote definition.

As I also have some values with the (!) sign in one of the GRD that I’ve been using for years, I have just tested it : changing a button of my main MIDI keyboard from ‘Solo (!)’ or Write Automation (!)’ to ‘Mute’ and back, works exactly as expected in all cases as toggles, even if both these have the (!) sign associated to it in my Value/Action dropdown menu list.