Cubase 12 Grace Period

Hi there,

I have tried several times to get in touch with Steinberg which I have not been able to do so far :rage:
so i’ll try it here.

I bought Cubase Pro 11 from a friend on December 8, 2021 and immediately registered me with Cubase Pro 11, when I check that on the website I see: Activation status: Product activated on 29/07/2021 … but that will be from the previous owner.
I bought Cubase Pro 11 with the intention that I can also uppergrade to Cubase Pro 12

Can someone explain how I should do that?

Kind regards,
Leander de Bruin.


I have moved your post. I hope you don’t mind.

So, your friend previously activated Cubase Pro 12 already. The free Grace Period is based on the date of activation, and not registration.

Hi Matthias,

Sorry my English language is not that good I notice.

I already had a registration of Cubase AI 11 (by purchase Steinberg UR824) in 06/11/2021 and in 8 December I bought Cubase 11 Pro dongle from a friend and he told me I could update Cubase 11 to Cubase 12 for free when it came out.

if I check that on your website I see that the activation date is on 29/07/2021 while I only bought and activated it on 8 December?

something is wrong or i’m cheated ??

Kind Reqards,

Hi Leander,

Unfortunately your friend misunderstood the concept of the free grace period update (or he cheated on you). As I said, it’s the activation that matters, not the registration and your license was activated in summer, long before the eligible grace period. I’m sorry!

But you can of course still do a paid upgrade to C12. If money is an issue, Steinberg often has discounts on upgrades, mostly in the summersale, here is hoping’

Hi Mark and Vinark,

Making music is just a hobby for me so I have to wait for the summersales