Cubase 12 Grace update problem for second license in my account

I couldn’t find a way to slot this request into a particular group other than through the headings, sorry.
Has anyone else had this problem with the Cubase 12 Grace Period update?
I have two separate Cubase Pro 11 licences (licenses) on two separate eLicensers permanently plugged into separate PCs, both eligible for a grace period upgrade to Cubase 12.

I have successfully upgraded one licence.

When upgrading the first licence I belatedly got an email with a code to progress the activation process.

After this the Cubase 12 entry on the eLicenser (first licence) reads “ Cubase Pro 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing) ”.

Attempts to upgrade the second licence have so far failed.

During the process, the Steinberg Activation Manager presented an option to Activate Cubase 12.

I followed the upgrade instructions, trying the process with this both activated and deactivated.

In each case the grace period check for the second licence is successful in the Steinberg Activation manager, specifying “ Cubase Pro 11 (Grace Period Eligible) ”, together with an [Update] button.

After selecting [Update] , a webpage appears with the message
“You’re almost done. Check your email account (also the spam folder) now. Look for an email from Steinberg with a Download Access Code and a download link. Follow the instructions to get started.”.

However, I have not as yet received an email of any kind in return.

I raised a ticket with Steinberg on 16th April but, apart from an initial auto-acknowledgement, no further reply has been forthcoming.