Cubase 12 gripes

Back when Pro9 came along I resolved never to give steinberg anymore of my money. Alas it began to fail in ways that required a reinstall and I couldn’t find a version anywhere. so I broke down and bought the upgrade.

So far my biggest gripes is the sluggishness in regard to changing tools and applying processes - e.g. why does it now take 15 seconds to apply the reverse function? 20 years ago it happened pretty much instantaneously!

So now I’ve just tried to use the old pro 9 version on my laptop, but the process of upgrading has apparently now made that impossible! wtf? I don’t need to spend an hour installing 12 for what I am using my laptop for!


No, it doesn’t. You have Cubase 11 Pro non-upgradable license at your USB-eLicenser (if you upgraded). With this license, you can start Cubase Pro 9, if the USB-eLicenser is plugged in.

It happens immediately at my system. Maybe some details about your system and some optimization could help.

I don’t know, not worth arguing about. After I installed 12 on the laptop, 9 worked again.

It’s good to know some system optimization could help. I believe I long ago did all the recommended settings changes to windows though. I use windows 10 64 bit. Lynx Audio Asio driver. What other details would be helpful?