Cubase 12 GUI is better?

Hi guys, Is this only me that I don’t like Cubase 13 GUI? Cubase 12,. 11, 10 Looks like it’s Cubase. I don’t know what is this but in Cubase 13 it’s like Unfinished “Wanna look Modern” but it actually doesn’t " it makes me switch to Studio One or even go back to Cubase 12. Please steinberg do something I don’'t Like how mixer looks :smiley:


Agree. I’m actually going to stick with 12 for this reason., at least until their promised GUI changes have been implemented and then I’ll assess again. Probably won’t go far enough though.


Hopefully they will change it ^^


Disagree on this one. I like the new look because it looks more modernized. It’s just a matter of getting use to the look imo. I think it will attract new users imo.

They will attract new users but will lose old users IMO :smiley: :smiley: To me Studio One, Logic Pro, Ableton LIve looks modern not Cubase 13. Mixer looks like it’s made by mixcraft graphic designer :smiley:

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Enough. There are other topics about this that you can weigh in on in this regard.