Cubase 12 GUI Zoom Jitter Issue

Cubase version 12.0.20, Windows 10.

The closing linked 34 seconds screen grab video shows the issue when zooming in and out. I paused at a couple of places while doing that to see if jitter stopped when not zooming.

This jitter thing has never happened from SX1 through SX3, Cubase 6 or Cubase 11. Since v. 12 is relatively new, perhaps a bug that needs to be worked out.

My video card is not high end but decent: MSI Radeon Armor RX 570 OC 8 Gb - so I don’t think it’s an issue since this doesn’t happen working on the identical .cpr files in Cubase 11. My earlier versions of Cubase where on basic consumer PCI video cards.

Any ideas what may be happening here?

Cubase 12 GUI Jitter Issue

Hmmm. I don’t see my OP here listed anywhere in the Cubase forum (I had to use my own bookmark of it to get here). Is it ghosted? Also, since it is a potential bug issue, is there a specific place to post bug reports and the like?

No, but you should use the"Issue" tag. You should be able to edit and add the tag after posting.

Same. 4770k built-in video.

@SF_Green . Thanks, added “issue” as tag.

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@suntower - Thanks. At least I’m not the only one. It probably doesn’t affect functionality or corrupt the .cpr, but it’s still a bit worrisome because software can be so finicky and the tiniest hiccup can cause weird stuff to happen. From what I’ve read, v. 12.0.30 should come out in June, so maybe it will fix this.

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V. 12.0.30 came out, but it didn’t fix this issue and I’ve tried two different video cards.

5 months later…

Did a total uninstall/reinstall to v. 12.0.40, same thing happens. And I mean total - using Revo Uninstaller that really cleans out any leftover stuff - Steinberg has very little, but still some.

A bit after my OP, I had return to a simpler video card (nVidia GT 710) due to some “black screen” issues with the MSI Radeon Armor RX 570 OC 8 Gb mentioned in OP. No difference, same GUI glitch.

I’m sending a support request to Steinberg referencing this thread. Hopefully this can be fixed somehow for I’m hesitant to use v. 12 fearing potential project corruption… May not be applicable, but I feel safe using v.11

Same problem here…

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@erdi - Thanks for posting. I contacted Steinberg so hopefully they’ll see this thread in the next few days though they sent me an auto-follow up to initial receipt of support question saying they are swamped, so first come, first served. So it may take a while, dunno.

Oh, and welcome to the forum. :sunglasses:

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I think you should try something. Are you Windows OS? Have you changed your screen resolution from the stock 100%? If you have, revert things back to 100% and see if this doesn’t resolve your problem.

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“I think you should try something. Are you Windows OS? Have you changed your screen resolution from the stock 100%? If you have, revert things back to 100% and see if this doesn’t resolve your problem.”

@mr.roos - Spot on. Thanks.

I have my Win 10 at 125% with my dual HD 1920x1080 monitors due to that I’m about to turn 68 years old and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be and it makes my overall computer experience manageable.

I’ve been upgrading since SX-1 > SX-3 > C-6 > C-11, then C-12. Never had this problem on any earlier versions. But then Cubase has changed a lot in those 20 years.

I just tried at 110%, and C-12 did OK – anything above that, jitters reappear. I still don’t get why this does not happen with C-11.

Microsoft has removed the under-the-hood fine tuning of icons and text; I started out on Windows 95/98–actually Win 3.1–but I didn’t have my own computer with 3.1.

I do have the freeware Win Aero Tweak which is pretty layered – my system looks more like Windows 7 - I don’t like tiles and post-Vista stuff and such.

Maybe there is a setting to increase icon and text size in 100-110% mode. But probably not the taskbar which is important to me.

I’ll have to come up with some compromise - as long as I can see straight. :sunglasses:

While @mr.roos’s suggestion was a good one, I had to remove the “Solution” badge for after some system and use of (WinAero and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, the threshold for the jitter is as stated, 110% (125% is what works for me).

110% stops the in-Cubase zoom jitter, but makes the rest of my OS GUI’s harder to read due to reduced size of fonts and GUI. Including in Cubase 12.

Meaning that this one issue with Cubase 12 is dictating my overall visual comfort with my entire system.

There must be a simple bug or glitch fix for this. And granted, maybe I’m an outlier in being older than most, but even only partial visual impairment is not always age related.

Again, why does this not occur in v. 11?

I hope Steinberg takes note and considers this issue of accessibility for those not with 20/20 vision.

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