Cubase 12 Hang ups, lags, and other issues Windows 10 Pro

Okay, so I’ve used Cubase for many years now, since about Version 6, and lately I’ve been having many problems with Cubase as a whole. Up until a few months ago when I was still on Cubase 11 Cubase worked perfectly fine. But for the last few months Cubase 11 has been utter poop for me, I can’t really open any plugins without a severe amount of lag and sometimes when I use Slate plugins, while moving something around the interface of one it hangs up and I’ll be lucky if it resumes. Now this is also true for Cubase 12, I tried upgrading to 12 to try to resolve or mitigate the issues I was having with 11, and yet, it feels like the problems just have gotten worse. But the weird thing is when it hangs up, Audio will still play through everything just fine and if there’s a loop point setup for cycling it’ll just keep playing until I Task Manager End Process the Program in Windows 10 64-Bit. A little while ago I just spoke to a friend over the phone who has a lot of the same issues I’m having with his system…

I Love Cubase so much, the interface and everything is flawless for me in how to run it, but running it has been an issue trying to keep working during a session. I’ve had to restart my computer several times because once Cubase starts hanging up it’s a pain in the tail to get sessions open again… And this has been during Client Sessions. I can’t keep having this, I need to know workarounds here to mitigate or stop the crashes all together… This is actually costing me money because I have to re-record a session from the ground up because the program hanged up while I was mixing and doing sample rate conversions that now the audio files themselves are screwed up and I can’t fix them…

Again, I Love Cubase, it’s been my favorite DAW for the last Decade. I don’t want to move to something else, but this is ridiculous…

Aren’t all loop points supposed to keep playing until you stop them?
Deactivate cycle and the loop will stop from repeating endlessly.

After using a MAC for 3 years, I tried to see how Cubase behaves on windows. Guess what happened. I ditched my windows computer. That good windows is.

If you’re tired of hang-ups, get a MAC. It’s that simple! I use a 2.3 GHz, 8 gigs, mid 2012 retina macbook pro. I can even work flawlessly in Cubase 12 (on Catalina MacOS v10.15.7!)

I have exactly the same issues, Cubase hangs up while loading plugins (even Steinberg ones) etc.
I got one more issue:
Sometimes Cubase hangs up while multi-export, but the export seems to continue. After export is finished, Cubase works again, BUT !..the exported files are missing data! (Good that I am usually control-hearing my exported files
Anyone else has that problem?
@Studio_7-22 , I totally agree that this issues cost money and time, but most important, to do a good, perfect, professional job I need to feel comfortably while mixing - that is definitely missing at the moment.

@absolute-music , @Studio_7-22
Please provide detailed information about the system you work on.

I’m on holidays this week and will provide my system information when I return.
But I don’t think it has to do with my system, because I still have installed cubase11 and everything works fine there - same projects- same plugins.
Another strange point is, that the issues seem to appear randomly, meaning not every multi-export fails, etc.

Intel i7-7700K
ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1 Motherboard
16GB DDR42666 RAM (Some Generic)
EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition Graphics Card
Focusrite 18i20 2nd Gen Interface
Cubase 11 & 12
Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
Slate Digital Plugins (All Plugins Bundle) ← This seems to be the main cause because it seems to mainly happen when I load up Slate Plugins
Various WAVES, Plugin Alliance, and other vendors’ plugins