Cubase 12 Hangs to left on channel panning-One channel

I am a new user here and I appreciate being a part of the community. I am not sure where to report bugs, so here are a few.

  • My first track is panning hard left. If I attempt to set it back again it just jumps right back again. None of my other tracks exhibit this behavior. Since I recently paired Cubase to an Arturia Keylab 61 MKII, I initially blamed the controller. I turned off the controller. The same behavior happens using a mouse to pan.
    -Second bug is in my metronome. With boxes checked for click in both play and record I have no click. I haven’t played with this much. It seems another user swapped sounds and managed to get it working.

Sounds like your automation is engaged on the track pulling it far left. And then about the click if you’re using a version where you have the control room enabled, you have to turn on the click and the control room.

Ok I’ll check this. I didn’t engage automation intentionally. Thanks. :+1:

I have disengeged and erased all automation. Problem persists,

Can you provide screen shots for the panning issue?
The channel editor window and some routing information would be helpful…

It looks like an apology may be in order. I turned off my controller for a second time last evening and the problem went away. I’m not exactly sure what happened that first time that led me to believe it wasn’t my controller.
I can clearly see a regular blip on my Cubase midi indicator coming from my controller when I am not touching any controls. This ‘blip’ coincides with the panner on my first track locking to left every time.

My apologies. Not a Cubase issue that I can tell.