Cubase 12 hangs while opening project

I observed something very annoying lately with my Cubase12 on MacOS Big Sur.

Environment config:
Macbook Pro 13”, Cubase 12 PRO, Behringer XR18. MB PRO is used to operate Behringer x-edit mixer software via local WLAN without internet access.

The problem:
Cubase hangs when opening a random project. Project is loading until it stops on loading random channel. And it won’t load further.

The bypass:
Turning off the wifi in my laptop for a few seconds makes Cubase continue opening project and it succeedes then. But going out of WLAN makes losing connection to mixer.

Everytime I open a project I must go flight mode and put the wifi back on when the project is loaded. This is so annoing.

Has anybody had similar problem?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I have seen a freeze with the very same Audio Device recently. Please try to install the latest driver.


I’m having the same problem on MacOS Sonoma. This on MacStudio M1 Ultra 64gb. Cubase 12.0.70 in Apple Silicon mode.

The project hangs on opening while it did work in the past. Opening another project that does work first and then open the bigger project and then it sometimes works.

Wifi turned off does not change the behaviour. Activity view states that the CPU goes 104% and stays there.

Are there any logs i can open to check if there are errors?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase 12 is not officially compatible with macOS Sonoma (yet). Might be, that some of your plug-ins are neither compatible. Please, double-check all your plug-ins’ compatibility and make sure the plug-ins are up to date.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll try and go through the plugins and hopefully find what is going wrong. Starting the project without any plugin loads the project, but there are a lot of plugins i’m using so will take a while.

Is there a release planned for the next update that you know of?

kind regards steven


Cubase 13 has been released few minutes ago.

Does Cubase 13 support Sonoma already?


Officially not yet. The System Requirements says: macOS Ventura, macOS Monterey, at this moment.