Cubase 12 - Help opening wrong URL

I was looking for help (with embedding a digital signature), and Cubase opened the Help regime of another program I have installed on my PC.

I just tried reinstalling Cubase, but the problem persists.

Dorico & WaveLab behave as they should.


Which Cubase version and edition do you own, please? And which Cubase version and edition Help has been opened, please?

Also which language (your system language and Cubase language), please?

V. 12.0.52 Pro. English UK.
The Help file being opened belongs to Adobe Dreamweaver.


So there is no Cubase Help at all at the link? Could you inspect the link, please?

How do I do that? Right-clicking on Cubase Help under the Help menu does nothing.


When the web-browser opens, you can see the address.

It doesn’t open a browser window; it goes to Dreamweaver.


The Help menu item is just a link to the web-page. If you click it, the system (Windows/macOS) uses its default browser to open the link and go to the page.

Is it possible that you have Dreamweaver defined as your default browser?

You can change that in the windows settings, so that the link to the help opens Edge, or Chrome, or whatever you are using.

Change your default browser in Windows - Microsoft Support

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Yes. Strangely enough, .html was pointing to Edge, but .htm was pointing to dreamweaver. Good spot!

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