Cubase 12, Hollywood Opus Orchestra, Templates, Keyswitches and Articulations - the BEST method

Cubase 12, Hollywood Opus Orchestra, Templates, Keyswitches and Articulations . How to get this all going? What’s the most effective method and you DON’T need to create your own expression maps.

Here is how to do it, using the resources of each program in the most effective way.

You can make a template with only one track for each orchestral instrument, but have ALL the articulations available, with NO clutter and you can quickly customise (and recustomise) the number of articulations to exactly those you need, use according to your whims. This is ideal for Notation.
You can save these custom KeySwitch instruments to Opus’s browser. You can save the expression maps automatically created, to your project or your PC, you can export as track presets and you can share your reverbs so that Opus does not hog your recources. Did you know that Opus, by default uses one reverb per instrument? A real RAM hogging practice.

How to do all this? Well I wrote a paper and it’s HERE!

It’s going to make working with Cubase and Opus SO much more clearer and easier for you! You will know all the bugs and foibles too! Put down your prawn and Gefilte sandwich, get in front of your machine and take action!


Oh my Goodness, how much work…

Have you got a YouTube channel? I would love to watch any tutorials you may have.

However, full disclosure, I dislike pretty much every library out there, so I have to use combinations of libraries to get anywhere near the desired effect,

But, huge respect for all the work you have put into this!!