Cubase 12 infinite loop

It a rainbow lollypop infinite loop in Cubase 12 on macOS 12.2.1. Steps leading up to this:

  • Double click on a clip to open the lower zone editor.
  • Select the listen tool

That’s it. Now Cubase is unresponsive and needs to be force quit.

Sorry I cannot reproduce on my MacBook Air with macOS 12.2.1. Can you attach the crashlog? Thanks.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a crash log for this one. I had to force quit and it didn’t give me the option to report. I just checked Crash Reports and this one isn’t there.

I’m seeing many freezes. How would I collect a crash log that would help you debug this?

If Cubase is frozen, open “Activity” and click on Cubase and run “Sample Process”. Save this report and send it to me.