Cubase 12 installation and Content location?

My question has to do with the Cubase content. I have all the content for Cubase 11 stored on my E: drive. When I install Cubase 12 will I have to go through the same painstaking process I went through to get all my Cubase 11 content moved to my E: drive or will I be able to install the content for Cubase 12 on my E: drive without having to move it afterwards?

I dont have all the sample libraries or anything installed, just the instruments like Retrologue, Halion Sonic, etc and their presets/libraries and the vintage reverbs. None of those were updated, they’re all in the same place as before. As long as you set them up in the manager properly, they should still be there.

Set the default content location you want in Steinberg Library Manager and all new content will be installed in that location.

Steinberg Library Manager can also be used to move content to a different location.

Not sure if this is true. I just tried doing this. I set it to download on different drive. It downloaded to the different drive, but still installed it on the D: drive. Not sure if it is even possible to install it on a different drive do to the nature of the download manager also being the install manager as well.

Please read the topic a bit more carefully. You have to set the install location through the Steinberg Library Manager. If you installed anything before changing the default location, you have to click the Move button.

The Download Assistant folder you set is only a temporary download location.

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Hello Guys!

I think that I have similar issue, so I would proceed with this topic here.

I have a Mac Mini at home set as my main computer, but the whole Cubase Library is installed on external SSD drive. I also have MacBook which I use at my - let’s say studio - outside my home. So what I want to do…

I installed on MacBook only Applications i.e. Cubase, SpectraLayers, etc. but I wanted to use content for this apps which I previously installed on my SSD. So I run Steinberg Library Manager and set the default library location on my SSD as below, but I have permanent message “No libraries found”.

What am I doing wrong? Is it even possible to operate just like I previously mentioned?
You know, I want to grab my SSD, go to the studio, create the new project with vst’s, instruments, etc. and then go home (with SSD) and run this projects with the same content, plugins etc. without any problems.

I’ll be glad if you will try to help me.


I have a similar problem, using the latest Cubase on a MacBook Pro. My Steinberg libraries are in place, but I have a message in the Library Manager saying ‘No Libraries Found’.

Is there any way to erase previous Library Manager information? I’ve tried changing the default location in the Library Manager, without a result. I’ve also tried reinstalling the Library Manager, and that didn’t help.

Changing the default location wont do anything by itself. This only ensures that the libraries will be installed to the right place by default. If you have already installed the libraries, you should use the Move button in the Steinberg Library Manager to move them.

If you know where your .vstsound files are, double click them to register them to the Steinberg Library Manager.

Thanks, it’s worked for me. I had to register my libraries on the new computer. More info in this topic you can find in Steinberg’s Help when you search: “Manually Installing Libraries”

My question is about the first part of the discussion: how can you define/change the Cubase 12 DEFAULT directory to be installed? For me, it has been installed automatically to the drive C: which is a smaller SSD M.2. I would like to keep all “other” software on different disks, keeping only the SYSTEM on drive C: It makes it easier to backup, etc. not to speak about the “always-lack-of” free space… :smiley: