Cubase 12 installation and Content location?

My question has to do with the Cubase content. I have all the content for Cubase 11 stored on my E: drive. When I install Cubase 12 will I have to go through the same painstaking process I went through to get all my Cubase 11 content moved to my E: drive or will I be able to install the content for Cubase 12 on my E: drive without having to move it afterwards?

I dont have all the sample libraries or anything installed, just the instruments like Retrologue, Halion Sonic, etc and their presets/libraries and the vintage reverbs. None of those were updated, they’re all in the same place as before. As long as you set them up in the manager properly, they should still be there.

Set the default content location you want in Steinberg Library Manager and all new content will be installed in that location.

Steinberg Library Manager can also be used to move content to a different location.