Cubase 12: Instruments randomly changed on various tracks when reopening session. VERY SERIOUS BUG

Hi, is anyone else having this problem? I am using around 10-15 slots of rack instruments on Cubase 12 and when I save a complex session I’ve done, I reopen the next day and randomly some of the instruments on various tracks have changed. For example on a drum track, slot 4 Kontakt will have changed itself to slot 9 Massive. Or even more insidious, slot 1 Kontakt using Damage will have changed itself to slot 2 Kontakt using another Damage patch so it’s not immediately obvious until you suddenly go “what the hell is that weird clanging brake drum doing?” etc…

I am in the middle of a series of complex tracks for a TV show and this is insane. I can’t trust my sessions to open properly and trusting the track settings to stay exactly the same every time you open Cubase is fundamental.

I am not emailing tech support about this because last time I contacted them about something else they never replied. My mate submitted a tech support request last year and it took them 15 month to respond.

I recently had an issue with random parameter changes being caused by a MIDI Remote device. Perhaps this is the source of your issue. Details here: