Cubase 12 issue: Windows looses focus

I am experiencing a minor bug, but quite annoying:

1- I am at the project window (Cubase has the focus)*

2- I change to another application**

3- I go back to Cubase

4- The top menu bar shows the Cubase menu, and the project window is at the top of all windows. Everything is correct, except that the project window hasn’t the focus. Any window in Cubase can recover the focus when I return to Cubase from another app.

*The issue occurs with other windows. As example, if the MixCosole has the focus, it will loose it after going to another app and returning to Cubase.

**It doesn’t matter if I change applications clicking the app icons in the dock, or if I use the shortcut Cmd+Tab

Using Cubase 12.0.52 - MacOS Monterey 12.6…1 - MacBook Pro Retina 15 mid 2015