Cubase 12 latency issue with play back when recording audio through mic

Hi … I hope this is an easy fix :slight_smile: I am fairly new to recording. I have tried looking into it on line but have found nothing yet that has fixed the problem.
I have an MOTU M4 with latest updates, Cubase 12 with a 2021 M1 1TB Mac. Everything is set up and is working as far as i can see except when recording audio with a mic.
Am recording live into the mic with click track and know i am playing in time. When i play back
the recording it is alway out of time with the click or previously recorded instruments.

Can any one please advise me a way to fix this :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time

The first thing I would think about is the plug-ins used on the involved audio/instrument channels and the latencies that they introduce in the audio signal path. I don’t know about other Cubase versions, but with the Pro one (I think that it is also available, at least, in the Artist one), you can check this by using the Channel Latency Overview feature :

If it isn’t available in your Cubase version, you still can check each plug-in latency in the VST Plug-In Manager :


After this, check eventually the Constrain Delay Compensation feature, which either activates an eventual ‘low latency’ mode of a given plug-in or deactivates it, if its latency is greater than the setting available in the Preferences window, as VST > Delay Compensation Threshold (for Recording).

Also check the sampling rate of your audio device and Cubase project settings. It’s a shame that Cubase cannot handle mismatches automatically.