Cubase 12 LE AI is a non-starter on Mac

Every other bit of software recognizes and uses my Rode USB Mic with no issues at all. Cubase - not a chance. Spent hours on this - making aggregate devices, etc.

Going in the trash.



Sorry, I don’t understand your question. In the title you say Cubase doesn’t start. In the message, you say not chance to use the mic in Cubase. So does it start or not?

Make sure Cubase has enabled Mic in the System Preferences, please.
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.

Non starter means it is useless.

Everything is enabled correctly.

Cubase refuses to use my mic.

Garageband, Waveform, Reaper all handle a USB mic with no issues.

Got a licence for Cubase with my Yamaha DG670 keyboard.

This should be simple - it is not.


How do you know, if Cubase doesn’t start?

Could you please add any information? You double-click Cubase icon. What happens? You should see a splash-screen. Do you? Then the Steinberg Hub should appear. Does it? What happens next?

Language problem here. Cubase does open. It will not recognize my mic. Simple as that. Makes the software useless for me, therefore is a ‘non-starter.’


Did you set this?

Of course.

I have an aggregate device - Rode Mic + Yamaha keyboard. The keyboard records with no problems - the mic just doesn’t.


As I can see, the Mono In 2 doesn’t receive any signal. Only Stereo In does. How does the Audio Connections > Inputs lok like?

Ok, so some progress. I have Garageband accepting both inputs. Have done exactly the same with Cubase. It now sees and records both USB tracks - keyboard and microphone.

And THIS is what Cubase exports -



We don’t know how it should sound like neither how did you setup the export.

Simple track - exported as an mp3 - it is a very clean, clear piano - or it was.


What kind of track (Audio/Instrument/MIDI)? How was the export setup? A screenshot would help.

It’s a Yamaha DGX670 keyboard - it’s a USB connection (with is also set up as midi). The same setup in Garageband and on the same machine (MacOS) records fine and exports fine as well.


The questions remain:

Making some progress. I found that, hidden in FX channels, were some settings that were not required - Cubase seems to put them there as a default. Deleted them and got a decent exported file. I have tried a couple of the track presets - don’t like them. I can’t see any way to delete them.


Could you be more specific, please?