Cubase 12 License & CPU Ugrade

Hi to all.

I have a slight concern with regards to a CPU upgrade.

I am on the verge to upgrading my CPU. The Motherboard, RAM and GPU shall remain the same.

Question is, do I need to De-authorize Cubase before installing the CPU, or can I just go ahead and swap out the processor and carry on as normal?

I know it should be a simple case to de-activate Cubase first, but to de-activate all the various software vendors in my system, seems kind of cumbersome just for a CPU upgrade. Having said that, it is what it is.

Any input on this issue, from anyone, would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, definitely.

As far as other vendors, since they don’t use Steinberg Activation Manager it’s not applicable, and if those licenses are on a USB elicenser, it is not necessary (or possible0 to deactivate.

Well that’s interesting as I would have never thought I would have to do that changing a cpu. After all it’s not like the drive is being flattened. I changed the cpu on my last pc while using the usb licencer.

Good to know but unexpected and not welcome. My assumption would have been the only time I needed to do this was if I was reformatting my C drive or using a new one.

Any other component that we should know about as well?

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Well, have a look at what Steinberg says about it in the New Steinberg Licensing FAQ . Scroll down to Upgrading my computer

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O.K, so I found some interesting articles’ over there in the LABVIEW forums’. Apparently, a Motherboard change, Hard Disk/SSD change and Ethernet change, all relate to the computers ID/Footprint, so changing any of these pieces of hardware, will result in a new Computer ID, while invalidating activated software.

Couldn’t find any info on a GPU or CPU change, though I have upgraded my GPU before with no issues, and I do recall having to reactivate software after copying my OS to a new, larger SSD.

Since my opening post, I have received my new CPU. I have also been mulling over the pros and cons of do I or don’t I, and I think, if I need to deactivate and then reactivate, it may be better for me to just pop the CPU in and hope for the best, after all, if I have to go through the process of reactivating the various softwares anyway, I might as well take the plunge. I just hope I don’t end up with reactivating issues as I have done before.

Steinberg only mention a “Significant Hardware Change” without letting us know exactly what pieces of “Hardware” they are referring to, seems all a bit wishy-washy…

I would like to thank you both very much, mkok and Steve for your input, and I’ll post my findings after the upgrade.


Precisely what is examined on the system is up the the developer.

Deactivating and reactivating a license in SAM is so trivial, that I would say this is a non-issue.

Thanks Steve. Gonna get my hands dirty now.

I know this is almost year old now, but was wondering, did you manage to change the cpu without deactivating licence?